High-End Muay Thai Jersey


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Meet the first-of-its-kind, High-End Muay Thai Jersey | the most advanced polyester material with COOLDRY Technology specifically designed for Extreme Comfort and Elite Performance.

Perfect for Muay Thai and MMA Training with Fashionable style for a night-out to your favorite fight event or casual wear in town. Standard Fit for a relaxed, easy feel / Machine Wash.

High Performance Jersey Engineered for Muay Thai and MMA Athletes demanding the most advanced technology, appearance, and performance from their sports attire.

COOLDRY Technology fabric with Hexagon Pattern is quick drying & Ultra Soft. Material Wicks Sweat & Dries Super-Fast for Extreme Comfort and Sports Performance.

100% Ultra-Soft Polyester


Machine wash

U.S.A. Standard Sizes

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CORBETTI  High-End Muay Thai Jersey

Meet The Corbetti High-End Muay Thai Jersey.  First, our mission is to combine the ancient tradition of Muay Thai with today’s technology and sports science. No more cotton t-shirts that stay wet for hours! Cotton is a thing of the past in performance sports. There is nothing more uncomfortable than a soggy t-shirt weighing you down. Second, we know there are other breathable polyester shirts out there. But none like The Corbetti Muay Thai Jersey!

The CORBETTI Muay Thai Jersey combines COOLDRY technology with sports performance. A Highly breathable fabric with a hexagon pattern moves moisture from your skin to help keep you comfortable. Whether you are sweating in the gym or cheering for your favorite fighter in the stands the Ultra-Comfortable & Stylish Corbetti Muay Thai Jersey will keep you dry and looking great. This product is made with the most advanced soft polyester fabric with a distinguished hexagon knit pattern. The CORBETTI High-End Muay Thai Jersey incorporates COOLDRY a proprietary technology that combines the most advanced, ultra-soft, moisture-absorbing polyester fabric with a high-end lightweight knit pattern. In the back the emblematic gold colored TWIN CORBETTI SAK YANT and premium design combine to offer the you the most Technologically Advanced, High-End Sports Performance Jersey specific to Muay Thai.


Get Inspired! Put-On the Provocative & Revolutionary Corbetti Jersey!


  • Perfect for Muay Thai and MMA Training
  • The First-of-its-kind High-End Muay Thai Jersey
  • Trendsetting and Fashionable
  • Emblematic Design & Technical Performance
  • COOLDRY Technology wicks sweat and dries super-fast
  • Advanced Polyester is Ultra-Soft with distinguished hexagon knit pattern
  • Short Sleeve
  • Reinforced Stitching for lasting durability
  • Fabric Infused Design will not fade of rub off


CORBETTI is a combination of high-end materials, expert craftsmanship, and attention to detail, to deliver the best Muay Thai Product in every piece. Its prestige is comparable to other high-performance brands that pride themselves on attention to detail and fine craftsmanship like Ferrari, Bugatti, and Ducati.


Model wearing Corbetti Muay Thai Jersey back side shown



Corbetti stands for elite competition and performance. It is a provocative brand that thrives on beauty and perfection to promote the sport of Muay Thai throughout the world. Corbetti is style, strength, and power. Like a perfectly delivered technical jab – teep – knee – or elbow, about to make impact on your opponent. Like the Tiger’s claw about to deliver it’s final blow. Corbetti is a combination of high-end materials, expert craftsmanship and attention to detail to deliver the best Muay Thai product in every piece. You have shed blood, sweat and tears to reach your highest level of performance. You are ready for battle! With Corbetti you will showcase your skills and physical preparedness in style.

Model wearing Corbetti Muay Thai Jersey back side shown
Weight 0.425 lbs
Dimensions 16.5 × 12.5 × .78 in


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