Black Muay Thai Gloves


Full Grain Leather

Full Grain Leather Piping

KEVLAR® Thread

Antimicrobial Liner with 99.9% Pure Silver Ionic+ Fabric, kills Bacteria and Viruses

Unique Design features that improve catching, grabbing and clinching

No grip bar in the palm area to enlarge hand pocket for Muay Thai

Extra long fingertip design extends the palm area for improved clinching & grip

Traditional Muay Thai Glove Design

Proprietary COMFORTECH Technology Engineered for Muay Thai Athletes

Optimal Protection and Comfort with proprietary multi-layer foam mold

16 Breathable Perforations in palm to keep your hands cool

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Advanced Technology for Muay Thai Gloves

CORBETTI CTG-001 Black & Gold Muay Thai Gloves are great for training and sparring.  Corbetti is a combination high-end materials, expert craftsmanship, and attention to detail, to deliver the best Muay Thai Glove in every piece.  Its prestige is comparable to other high-performance brands that pride themselves on attention to detail and fine craftsmanship like Ferrari, Bugatti, and Ducati.  In addition, we make CORBETTI Gloves with COMFORTECH technology for extreme comfort and protection. This technology makes Corbetti Boxing Gloves the most comfortable Muay Thai Gloves which are excellent for both Training and Sparring.  Below, you will find a list highlighting, a perfect blend, of technologically advanced high-end materials and product features that make Corbetti the most advanced Muay Thai Gloves in the World.



  • ionic+ FABRIC LINER with 99.9% Pure Silver
  • Full Grain Leather Piping
  • Attached Thumb for protection
  • 16 breathable holes in palm and fingertips area to keep your hands cool
  • Proprietary Multi-Layer Foam Padding with up-to 4 layers
  • Extra Long Fingertips Area for Maximum Grip and hold-on ability while clinching or catching strikes
  • Removed Palm Grip Bar for Deeper Pocket which makes it easier to catch and hold-on to opponent
  • Rubber Wrist Label with Raised Logo gives it a soft refined look and feel
  • A great all-around Muay Thai Glove that is Excellent for Training, Sparring, Punching Bag and Pad Work


Our Thai Boxing Gloves are made exclusively with Full Grain Leather.  The highest quality leather money can buy! It is leather with the full grain intact after removing the hair from the epidermis. Full grain leather is the most beautiful and expensive leather you can buy.  Which is why, it is the only leather we use for our Muay Thai Gloves.  Another equally important fact is, we handpick our hides and sort them to eliminate unsightly markings as much as possible.   This is were CORBETTI Muay Thai Gloves get their distinguished High-End look and Feel!

KEVLAR® Sewing Thread

After testing several different thread configurations, our engineers chose KEVLAR®  made and Certified by DuPont.  KEVLAR is 2.5 times stronger, 13 times less stretchy with almost twice the heat resistance and durability than the best Nylon thread in the world.


Corbetti CTG-001 Black & Gold Glove’s Liner incorporates 99.9% Pure Silver which provides anti-microbial properties – for the life of the product.  This scientifically proven, technology, harnesses the power of positively charged silver ions to fight microbes on soft surfaces like CORBETTI’s Muay Thai Glove athletic liner. Our glove’s liner is essentially self-cleaning of microbes.  The positively charged silver ions fight the growth of odor, and stain-causing bacteria on soft surfaces.


Not all foams are created equal.  At CORBETTIᵀᴹ we engineered a high-performance proprietary mold design.  With up to 4 layers of padding that include a high-end natural Latex, a technically advanced synthetic Latex, and the highest quality EVA foam that make up the padding’s main layers.  our research and development team sourced and tested hundreds of materials & configurations, over a period of 18 months, to bring you the most protective and comfortable mold with a proprietary configuration of specific gravity and density.  The Corbetti CTG-001 Black Muay Thai Gloves’ mold is the most advanced high-end Muay Thai Boxing Glove mold in the industry.  They are assembled, by hand, with great care to form a very protective and form fitting mold.  The CTG-001’s are a perfect combination of comfort, protection and high-performance to bring you the most advanced all-around training & sparring glove.




Weight 2.75 lbs
Dimensions 12.375 × 8.75 × 7.5 in

10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, 16 oz


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