Corbetti Muay Thai Gloves: The Most Advanced High-End Gloves in The World!

Corbetti Muay Thai Gloves in Cooper Red Color side by side showing metallic gold thumbs


CORBETTIᵀᴹ is a combination of high-end materials, expert craftsmanship, and attention to detail, to deliver the best Muay Thai Glove in every piece.  Its prestige is comparable to other high-performance brands that pride themselves on attention to detail and fine craftsmanship like Ferrari, Bugatti, and Ducati.


Lerdsila Chumpairtour 9 Time World Champion!


Let’s start with the leather.  There are different animal leathers like Buffalo, Dear, Sheep, Calfskin and Cowhide, etc.  They each have their own applications and characteristics. At CORBETTIᵀᴹ we strictly use FULL GRAIN Cowhide Leather for dyed leather gloves, which includes metallic dyes. And, Top Grain Cowhide Leather for Metalized Leather (not to be confused with metallic colors).  Metalized leather has a foil sheet laminated to the leather surface and metallic colors use an ink, or dye, to give it its look. Below we disclose the different types of leather grades, in order of highest to lowest quality.
  • Full Grain
  • Top Grain
  • Split or Genuine leather
  • Bonded Leather



It’s the highest quality leather money can buy! It is leather with the full grain intact after removing the hair from the epidermis. Full grain leather may have scars and markings. But, it is still the most beautiful and expensive leather you can buy. We use Full Grain Leather to make all of our Dyed Leather Muay Thai Gloves.  At CORBETTIᵀᴹ we take an additional step. We handpick our hides and sort them to eliminate unsightly markings as much as possible.  To fully remove the scars, and markings you need to sand and buff the leather to make it more uniform. This results in Top Grain Leather.  


Full grain leather is buffed to remove natural imperfections resulting in top grain leather.  Which is considerably better quality than Genuine Leather. We use Top Grain Leather under our metalized finishes. Even though most consider the use of Top Grain Leather under a metalized finish to be overkill. At CORBETTIᵀᴹ we use the highest quality materials we can get our hands on. We never compromise and we never cut corners.


Split leather is the layer below the grain.  Genuine leather means low quality split leather. In the Muay Thai Gear industry you will see the term genuine leather sometimes used to mean real leather. As opposed to fake leather. What you get can be a mixed bag of ambiguity at best.  This marketing stunt is one of the most important places where the term “you-get-what-you-pay-for” applies to a tee.


Is the lowest quality grade of leather. Like the name implies it is not real leather but shredded leather scraps bonded together with filler and plastic matter.


Thread offers substantial performance in Muay Thai Gear.  The most common threads used are Cotton, Polyester and Nylon, bonded or not – depending on the price you pay.  Higher-end gloves, almost exclusively use bonded Nylon because of its strength and durability. And it really is a high quality beautiful thread, no doubt about that. 
At CORBETTIᵀᴹ  we needed a thread that would hold the glove’s fit in place without stretching and making the fit looser under heavy pressure. A thread that would not yield to the rigors of Muay Thai. We conducted 100’s of tests only to find, if the thread didn’t stretch it would break. We were having a hard time proving our theory and nearly gave up. But our drive and determination to manufacture the best Muay Thai Glove in the market kept us going. So we needed a thread that didn’t stretch and was strong enough to hold the gloves shape at peak performance.
After testing several different thread configurations, our engineers chose KEVLAR® thread made and Certified by DuPont. Not because we want you to stop bullets, although some fighters punch like they have a cannon in each arm. But because it is 2.5 times stronger, 13 times less stretchy with almost twice the heat resistance and durability than the best Nylon thread in the world. Yeah, we chose KEVLAR® because it is simply, tha-BEST! We spared no expense in bringing you the best money can buy!


Our Journey to find or develop the best Liner
Here too CORBETTIᵀᴹ conducted substantial research testing out different materials, laminations and even foam in between layers of material substrates. In seeking the best feel and comfort we quickly realised we wanted so much more than that – And we got it! Sometimes what you don’t see yields the greatest impact. As with all the raw materials we use, we wanted the best money can buy for our liner too. We found an engineered material that screams 21st century science and technology.
CORBETTIᵀᴹ is the first Muay Thai Brand to use this material ever
The CORBETTI Muay Thai Gloves Liner incorporates a technology that uses positively charged silver ions to provide anti-microbial properties (it kills microbes like viruses and bacteria) for the life of a product. This, scientifically proven, technology, harnesses the power of positively charged silver ions to fight microbes on soft surfaces like CORBETTI’s Muay Thai Glove athletic liner. Our glove’s liner is essentially self-cleaning of microbes. We use the same technology that is being more widely adopted in healthcare and personal protective equipment (PPE). It essentially uses the power of positively charged silver ions to fight the growth of microbes and odor- and stain-causing bacteria on soft surfaces.


Muay Thai Glove Foam Padding Mold

There are many types of foams and materials used in the padding mold. Some of these materials include Natural Latex, Synthetic Latex, Co-Polymer Resin based foams such as Ethylene-Vinyl acetate (EVA) also known as Polyethylene Vinyl Acetate (PEVA) of which there are at least three types depending on the acetate content.  You get the picture.  In addition the specific density may be configured to a custom fit. The formula for combining, mixing and matching these materials is the result of much study and laboratory analysis to determine the most protective, responsive, and comfortable foam mold possible that, by the way, will endure the rigors of Muay Thai, and protect your hands and/or sparring partners. 

CORBETTI Muay Thai Gloves Proprietary Mold

 At CORBETTIᵀᴹ we engineered a proprietary mold design. Our design is specific to fighters size and weight. With up to 4 layers of, proprietary materials, that may include Natural & Synthetic Latex, and EVA as the main layers. Our molds are put together by hand to form a very protective and form fitting mold.  The foam padding can get extremely technical as the list of potential polymers that can be combined may be endless.  For that very reason It is worth noting the Padding for Muay Thai Boxing Gloves is a matter of considerable research and development.

At CORBETTIᵀᴹ   we have spent almost a year developing our molds and can attest that not all molds are made the same!  Make sure the Muay Thai Gloves you buy are comfortable to your hands and the padding provides enough protection for your knuckles and/or sparring partners – appropriate to your size, weight, and punching power.  Research shows your hands can really take a beating. Especially if you’re a heavy hitter and are not using Muay Thai Gloves with proper protection.

Hand Injuries

Most serious fighters and even those whom only train for sport or fitness can attest to soar knuckles.  Do not be miss-led sore knuckles, like every other part of your body that will get sore may be a natural by-product of training so long as it doesn’t turn into an injury which can sideline you anywhere from a few weeks to several months depending on the severity.  

Let’s face it, Muay Thai is a high-performance sport and when you push your body to its limits your bound to pick up an injury here and there.  Do not let that be due to poor equipment choices though.  Picking up the wrong pair of Muay Thai Gloves can injure your most priced weapons – your hands – and a serious injury here can be life changing.  Of course, proper form takes center stage here, but the right equipment will protect your hands and help with the gradual conditioning of your bones, cartilage, and soft tissue without sidelining you.  Do an-on-line search for stories from fighters with hand problems – yup, not a pretty sight.  Your gloves should protect your hands period!